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Typography Tips for Web Design

If you are a designer or have a little bit of knowledge about designing, then you must be aware of the word ‘Typography’ that is an art. Typography is a process of arranging the text within the design to make it appear attractive and understandable. Graphic designers must know the importance of Typography and its usage.

If you want to make your context or program look appealing and understandable, then you must know all the terms and conditions of typography.

It is something that you should not ignore in the web designing. In this article, I am going to cover a few critical tips of Typography for Web Design so that you may avail of its benefits in the future.

Let’s proceed with the article.

Communication plays a vital role in making someone understand your words. If the proper tone of words is used, then you can better make people appreciate your concepts. We all know that the information covered in the program or web is in written form, so if you want to make it understandable for people, use the right ‘Typography.’

The typography tips for the web design incorporates:

1- Minimum Usage of Fonts and Size

It is the first tip that you may use in web designing. Always remember that using various fonts or sizes in a single context or program doesn’t make it look attractive or appealing. It may confuse a reader, and it will have an adverse effect on your program. Better to use a maximum of three different fonts in your program. It is the right use of typography.

After selecting two or three fonts, stick to them in your entire program. Furthermore, if you are using a combination of fonts, then make sure either they complement each other or not. The pairing of fonts should look excellent and attractive.

2- Proper Spacing Between Words

It may seem simple to give proper spacing between words, yet you need to be smart enough to know how much spacing is required. Giving a suitable space in a text will make it easy for people to understand your program or words. You should know where to provide space and how much.

By expanding the main, you increment the vertical void area between lines of content, for the most part improving readability in return for screenland. If you want to make people understand your words quickly, then the landing should be more than 30%. It is the rule.

3- Use Proper Line Length

It is another essential tip that is often ignored. Use the same amount of characters in each line is the right typography. It increases the readability score, and people better understand the context. If you use more characters in a single line, then it will become hard for a reader to read it.

According to a rule for mobile devices, your characters should be 30 to 40 in a single line. If they exceed then, your readability score will decrease. Better to consider this tip in your mind because it is a matter of readability score.

4- Use of Proper Font

A web designer should know which font should be used for a specific program. The people who read your program will access it from different devices. Sometimes the issue of font size inevitably comes so better to use the font that looks or appears good and readable from every device.

For that, chose that font that works well in multiple devices so that whoever reads your program will have a better understanding of it without complaining about its size or font issue. Moreover, before selecting the font, also think about the smaller screens. It should be understandable for them too.

You must have heard about the gotham font and I think every web designer has definitely used it. It is one of the widely used and loved fonts that go well with every size. The top leading magazines and companies have used it, and its importance is increasing with time. You may also try this font for your website or program. It will give the best result.

5- Avoid Words in Caps

It is one of the worst decisions of making all the words capital. It can annoy a reader to a great extent. If your message consists of reading, then don’t write all the words in the caps, it may decrease your readability score. Your message or text will not appear attractive.

Making all the words capital and bold will make it difficult for people to read or understand so better not to avoid this tip and always use the words in caps where it is required.

6- Proper Use of Colors

You need to choose the colors for the background of your text. Now it is another important factor of typography. Chose those colors that make your text look visible or apparent only then you will be able to make people understand your text clearly. If you choose a dark color background, then your text will become hard to read.

If your text is small, then the background contrast ratio should be 4.5:1, but if your text is large, then the ratio should be 3:1. It is how you can make your text look appealing and understandable. Once you have selected the colors, don’t forget to try them from different devices. Then you will know either your text is visible or not.

7- Don’t Highlight the text

Color blindness is a significant issue, and many people are suffering from it. Many people highlight the text by red or green color. If you are one of them, then avoid doing it. If you want to make any word prominent, then simply change the font on that word or increase the size of that word. It will look prominent.

Keeping in view the problem of color blindness, you should write your text in a way that it is accessible to everyone so that your readability increases.

8- Font Weight

Words appear in different fonts on different devices. You should consider the weight of the font by experimenting with various tools. Whether people check your design from a mobile or desktop, it should be visible and understandable. It is the right use of typography.

Though large and robust typography for the versatile web is a pattern, you should utilize numerous text style loads and test them across various goals to guarantee there is no disturbance anyplace.


If you are an expert web designer, then you will never take typography for granted. With the right use of it, you will make your program or website attractive and understandable. With the lousy typography, you may lose your several viewers because when your text is not acceptable, then they will move to another site.

It is a big deal, and you should be a master in it. I have mentioned a few essential tips through which you may become an expert in it. If you want to gain more and more readers to your website, then always remember these tips and try to adapt them.

I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Try to experiment with these tips in real life.

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