Search Engine Optimization

We develop SEO content strategies for people first, search engines second.

Search Engine Optimization

We develop SEO content strategies for people first, search engines second.

We create SEO strategies for people first, bots second.

To appear at the top of the search results, we need a strong SEO strategy. The more search visibility you have, the sufficient traffic you can send to your website. At Avento, we work to connect brands, business, and partners with the people who shows interest.

We need to realize that even though keyword targeting is essential for SEO, but we also understand that the people have changed the way of using the search engine. Our voice optimized campaigns personalize to give your businesses the search authority it deserves through relevant content targeting and long-tail keyword.

Our SEO strategy combines on-site and off-site optimizations, all under Google and other search engines’ best practices. We rely entirely on our tested processes to deliver a return on your marketing expenditure.

Finding your right SEO partner

Small or big, businesses that succeed at search get huge benefits. But although SEO is unique, it’s not a precise science, and it takes time to manifest results. You should look for some qualities from your SEO partner:

Focus on users instead of on bots — Even though SEO agency is very good at the technical stuff, they have focused more on people as but ultimately, they are ones who do business with you — not bots. Your SEO partner should care about consumer experience.

Adapting to new trends — SEO changes quickly. There will always be new challenges arising, from changes in Google’s algorithms to the impact of voice. An agency without changing their approach in two years is sadly out of touch. A great SEO agency is always emerging.

Transparency in communication — Google often releases algorithms which is so much complex. SEO decisions usually include weighing cons and pros. So, your partner needs to explain their recommendations transparently.

Ready to work with better SEO Agency.

Our SEO process

SEO is evolving every day, but we have a guaranteed strategy that we’ve readjusted over time.


Step 01Technical Optimization

If we’re building your website, we assure technical SEO ignited into the process, including mockups, redirects, and review of wireframes and on-page, off-page optimizations is a vital website need.

If we’re partnering with you for an extended period, we’ll make continuous SEO enhancements, from technical tweaks to optimizations to recently added pages.

Step 02SEO Audit

If we’re working with you for the first time, we begin by evaluating the website’s current profile. We look at data such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and establishing a baseline to scale performance.

Our extensive audits address the website, code, and content, page structure, and creating backlinks, identifying opportunities, and drawing out a blueprint.

Step 03Keyword Research

Keyword research provides us with precious data about the particular terms users searching and the search volumes for those keyword terms.

Just as importantly, keyword research helps us to recognize users’ search purposes. Are users searching for researching a product, general information, or looking to buy? Clarifying these questions helps us develop content for the best results.

Step 04SEO Strategy

It’s terrific to reveal fixes that can deliver you a boost in the rankings, but our real advantage comes from being an organic marketing partner.

Our SEO strategy may be part of a completely integrated digital marketing strategy or a more channel-specific effort (depending on your needs). The method will open the stage, incorporating the tactics we’ll deploy and the benchmarks that will help to measure accomplishment.

Step 05Organic Marketing

We accept there’s no longer a bright line between paid search and organic marketing. If you can find it through search, we think of it through the lens of search – from social media to customer reviews to websites where your business talked positively.

As a consequence, your team may feature a list of organic marketing talent spanning influencers, content marketing, and digital PR. Taking a holistic method to your search presence, we seek out chances to boost your business wherever you may found.

Step 06Measuring & Reporting

We always report monthly on what we’ve accomplished. We don’t chase conceit metrics or industrial loads of backlinks. We don’t hide the reality that SEO needs time to work, but we grip ourselves to metrics that show business lift or make an impact on business results.

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